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We crave life-giving relationships and community yet realize it is difficult to find and cultivate them.  Learning to forge meaningful relationships and experience healthy belonging in community can seem also daunting.  Where do I start?  What are the best proven practices that’s filled with biblical wisdom for deep connection and belonging?    

Here is what I've found from my research.

Five practices for cultivating in this disconnected world:


  • Priority| People first, no regrets

  • Chemistry| “What, you too?”

  • Vulnerability| Dangerously safe

  • Empathy| I hear and see you

  • Accountability| I can’t carry it, but I can carry you


These core and foundational practices are designed in our shallow world to provide much weight and substance so we don’t drift away from what matters most.   

In this unique season, all of us are navigating so much change in our lives.  If you are a parent, teacher, coach, uncle, aunt, or a grownup interacting with kids, I hope that this book could be a wonderful gift to invite our kids into a conversation on how they are doing with so many changes in their lives.

I share my own story of experiencing many changes as a Korean-American kid growing up.  While change is something every child can relate to, it will also speak uniquely to changes that many Korean-American, or any bicultural (or more) children face in their journey.  

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