We all wear multiple hats in life.  For me, I am a father, husband, author, personal & professional development coach, Enneagram teacher & pastor in Silicon Valley.  

I've had the opportunity over the past 15+ years working with groups in both corporate & faith environments and here is what I regularly see: Working with people can be DIFFICULT.  And wait for it...


 Working with YOU (AND I) can be difficult.  

If the totality of the human experience is through relationships...

  • How do we manage and navigate different personalities that are all around us? 

  • How do we build synergy in our team? 

  • How can we grow in self & others awareness that will strengthen our ability to cultivate healthy relationships?

  • How do we lead all the changes in teams & organizations without living in constant anxiety & stress?

  • What practical skills in communication & conflict management can we learn?

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I'm excited to partner with A Kids Book About™, a publishing company that writes books for kids and grownups to have conversations about complex, yet important topics such as racism, anxiety, money, creativity and depression.

It's not an overstatement to say that 2020 can be summed up with this word: CHANGE.   

Most of us don't deal with change well.  As a kid immigrating to America, I’ve faced a lot of changes and did not know how to process it all.  So I picked up a ton of bad habits along the way to deal with change.  This is the book that I wish I had growing up.  As a father of two girls, I can now in fun & interactive ways ask how they are doing with some of the changes in their lives!   I hope that this book will give helpful and practical tools for grownups to talk about change with the children in their lives.   

Image by Drew Beamer