Discipleship is both a central mission and a lifelong process as followers of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20).  This discipleship is an intentional process in which we must explore and invite Jesus into all areas of ourselves for healing and freedom.  I long for the Church to continue to sharpen the process of discipleship not only in classes, programs, and conferences, but also to provide roadmaps for each individual's unique design.  


And I found this ancient tool called the Enneagram to be an excellent roadmap for the complex terrains of the human heart.  The Enneagram will give better language to why we do what we do.   It will reveal our brokenness and point to the only hope: Jesus Christ who brings healing and life.  Ultimately, this process of emotional health will teach us how to love well: love God, love ourselves and love others (Mark 12:30-31) -- for this sums up all of the teachings of Jesus.  

I has seen church leaders on all spectrum in their posture towards the Enneagram.  Here is how I can uniquely help.  As a discipleship pastor and Enneagram Coach, I will be approaching it from a biblical & spiritual formation perspective.

I offer workshops to faith leaders, churches and teams who are curious or ready to begin this journey.  

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Jay Kim, Lead Pastor of Teaching at WestGate Church, teacher in residence at Vintage Faith Church, and the author of Analog Church (IVP Press, 2020).

David's guidance through the Enneagram has been one of the most clarifying and convicting experiences I've ever been through. He's helped me navigate my inner life and its external impact in a way that's given me a greater sense of awareness, of my motivations and my true north.