Cornell University's 2010 study with the Green Peak Partners, the top leadership traits for success in 72 senior executives (with companies ranging from 50 million to 5 billion annual revenue) were strong people skills & self-awareness.   

In Stanford's Executive Coaching Survey in 2013, Over 42% of executives said that their greatest need was in

conflict management skills.

At the end of the day, how interact with people matter the most.  Enneagram is an incredible ancient tool that will help you and your team identify where you might be stuck and how to move forward.  

I offer half, full and multi-day workshops for teams using the Enneagram.  


Josh Shipp, Award-Winning Speaker and Best-Selling Author

"I'll admit it.  When I first heard about the Enneagram, I thought to myself 'what kind of hippie, voodoo, non-sense is this?!?'  Boy, was I wrong.  David's Enneagram workshop helped me understand my innate strengths and weaknesses with incredible clarity and provided a roadmap for personal growth.  I've noticed significant development in the most important areas of my life: marriage, parenting, and leadership.  I highly recommend it."